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How does it work

We offer our service completely digital and completely for FREE. All you have to do is to fill out the form above and send a photo with your sports card or sticker to us. 

1. Fill Out the above Form and send us your Sports Item

2. We try to estimate the grade of your sports card or sticker. Our basis are the images and the information about the surface that you send us.

3. You will receive an email within 72 hours with your estimated grade.

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please make your photo on a background where the card or sticker can be seen properly.

Please make clear pictures without any effects.

Back and front of card or sticker must be from the same item. If that is not the case, we cannot quick grade your item

We try to identify from the photo if the item is fake or not. If we believe that the item is fake, we cannot grade your item and will let you know. 

The estimated grade is an assumption based on your photos and description. It can differ from the result you get if you send the item to a grading company.

Only one item per e-Mail address will receive a quick grading. 

We have made a clear comparison based on our own views and summarized our findings in our blog post GOATmarket Rating Scale Comparison.

How does our grading scale look like?

How to take a good photo for quickgrading?

Pro-Tip: For the best results send us a detailed scan of your sticker or card.
This is how your image should look like:

Use a Background that shows your sticker clearly.

Camera Flash Settings

Use correct settings for camera flash.


Try to capture as much detail as possible with your photo.


Describe details that are not visible on the image in the additional provided fields.


Make a full-size image of your sticker or card. Please do not cut-off any parts.

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