Panini Road to World Cup 2022: Which stickers are Promising Rookies ? (December 2021)

Qatar is coming soon. Currently the qualification is still ongoing. Looking at the current released sticker set of Panini, we decided to check it for rookies that might be valuable to you. As the final players are not yet set, we have developed a list of prominising rookies. Enjoy our infographic of interesting players that might be part of Qatar 2022. If you want to help us, please feel free to share this infographic on social media and with your friends. Embed image in your … Read more

GOATmarket Rating Scale Comparison

We have our own rating scale as we think that current scales do not match the basic principles of simplicity and transparency. However, we know that its very important for collectors to compare our rating scale to existing rating institutes. Below we give our own view on the comparison of our rating scale to other grading services. The above table represents our own view on other scales. However, we believe that our GGS scale is much simpler than existing scales, but also helps you to … Read more